KDOI Rebroadcast with Ethan Rusch on Inspiration

In this interview, I am talking with Ethan Rusch, my nephew, who is a street artist and a hip-hop ...View Details

Welcome to the show

Hi there friend, this is Timothy Kimo Brien, your head instigator for Create Art Podcast where I take my 20-plus years of exper...View Details

KDOI Rebroadcast

Have you wondered how to get your book published? Did you know there are multiple ways to publish your work? In this conversation ...View Details

Special Message

Before I get to the episode, we/I want to take a moment to address the June 24th Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe versus Wade...View Details

What Does Empathy Mean To You?

Empathy is not the newest X-Man or super mutant power. Empathy is essential to be able to reproduce what you see or ...View Details

Do You hang Your Projects on Your Fridge?

Do you remember when you were a kid and maybe your parents put your drawings or school art on the fridge?...View Details

What does Inspiration Mean To You?

Have you ever really thought about what inspiration is and how to harness it? This is a rebroadcast from my old ...View Details

Who is Telling your Story

Who is your hype person, who is telling your story to your audience? When you are not physically next to your artwork and...View Details

Letting Your Audience Feel Your Art

This episode is a rebroadcast from my old show KDOI Podcasting where I took a topic and had conversations with ...View Details

History of National Poetry Writing Month

National Poetry Writing Month (also known as NaPoWriMo) is a creative writing project held annually in Apr...View Details

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