A Discussion of Talent

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Today we will be talking about Talent. In this episode, I am talking with my previous boss Brandon Larson who is a logistics guy and a woodworker. Our overall conversation deals with talent between the generations and his management techniques to get the best out of his team. We discuss :

  • How Baby Boomers are aging out, Gen Xer's are taking over and Millenials are filling in the gap behind
  • Millennials have many ways to gain experience besides just working a job, Youtube, 500 cable channels, internet resources
  • Brandon's approach to managing different generations
  • How he learned how to do woodworking by watching YouTube channels and getting plans through Pinterest
  • How due to making more objects and furniture he was able to increase his talent, learn by doing method
  • He reads a lot of online resources on management as an art form and gets to practice that on the job
  • How he uses mentorship to fill in his experience gaps
  • Starting a new talent, go with cheaper materials so that it costs less and the cost of failure is low and not a detriment
  • How he brings each individual's skills in the workplace to make a more cohesive tea




Forbes article discussed



Below are examples of Brandon's work









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